About us

Instantpadel becomes Instantcourts

Christoffer Granfelt and Magnus Berglund are the 2 founders of Instantpadel where they hired the renowned Spanish architect Fernando Canovas. Senor Canovas is the chief architect and co-owner of the Alicante-based Padelcourt Deluxe. Padelcourtdeluxe’s hallmark is to combine design, exclusivity, quality and function at the very highest level.
Since launch in 2021, Instantpadel have done over 160 installations in 18 countries.

Instantcourts is born!

From the success of Instantpadel, the founders have now developed an additional concept called Instant Multi sports that can handle more sports such as basketball, soccer, field hockey, etc.
The main mission with Instantcourts is to activate “dead” community as well as city central areas through sports by using their world unique portable court that doesn’t require any major groundwork and less need for permits.
As per example below one can use our courts for DUAL Padel & Pickleball as well As for soccer and Basketball along with your own choice of sports to be included depending on the occasion.
If you have any questions regarding Instantcourts , please don’t hesitate to contact Magnus or Christoffer directly.