The Floor

The Multisports cage comes separate from the court, thus allowing owners to select the surface of their choice. A multisports cage can be finished with an artificial turf or plastic tile surface. Both surfaces facilitate the multiuse of the court, but each enables the cage to be used for different sports.

Attention grabber to attract more footfall

Multisports cages are easy to install, to dismantle and to transport. This is why they offer a flexible but high-end solution to temporarily attract footfall or to introduce a sport. Multisports cages can be erected at schools, shopping malls, at clubs or sites where sports can be offered for a short period of time.

Different surfaces

For the surfaces, buyers have the option of an artificial turf carpet (either with or without a shock pad) or Versacourt tiles.
Both surfaces are made of high-end materials and allow for use in both outdoor and indoor environments.
Both surfaces can withstand the elements. They drain water laterally at a rate that exceeds 180mm/hr. They can also handle extensive use and a high footfall.

High-end materials

The cage is made of galvanised steel and is kept in place through a simple click system. The whole design and structure are CE-approved. Instead of glass, Multisports uses lightweight polycarbonate panels to finish the cage structure.

In addition to being lightweight and easy to assemble, dismantle and to transport, the entire structure can also withstand the impact of the regular installation, dismantling and transport.

Suggested usage

Artificial turf

VersaCourt tiles